Hey!  Check out what our friends are up to!

Emmys Organics: - 'Hey that guy kinda looks like you?' - That's cause he's my brother!!  He's my hero, mentor, and baby bro!  Check out what he and his sweetie Samantha are up to over at their vegan kitchen!!  They make the most AMAZING Macaroons ever!  My brother is also a pretty amazing Dj & producer(google Dj can thank me later)

Late Sunday Afternoon - amazing scarfs & other apparel made by my friend Matthew!  Everyone should have one of these!

Cafe - Our first customer!.....and still our best!  Check them out for amazing Vegan fair, goodies, and home goods.

Parker Ainsworth: - One of my favorite singer/songwriters ever.  Just go check him out if you have a chance.....your ears and heart will thank you.(you may also find me in the back holding the groove down).

Sage Vegan Bistro: - My absolute favorite restaurant in Los Angeles.  My childhood friend Mollie Engelhart runs this amazing place.  The food is all vegan, all organic, and all amazing in your mouth.  The menu is so BIG you could eat here for a month and never have the same dish twice.  Trust me it's amazing and they are going to be opening a second location in Culver City in the summer of 2013.